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Alzheimer's disease
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Yesterday My husband & I Went to The Neurologist, It was confirmed that he does Have Alztimers and He has a lot of cluster in his frontal loop, went through some paper & hand testing Mind testing plus MRI he has had .. I in my mind New this For two years now but Was hoping The Dr..would tell he no he is just going through this because of Age, He Is 81 I am 69.. So I faced my fears once again and I felt As I got it by train as well as I know he did too. So He is doing Ok, gets Mad easy But so far it's under control.. He does not like talking about it.. So Here it is Sad ....... I took care of Mom the same way Now-Again But it's my husband, Frontal Loop they lose their emotions and feelings and can get very departed from emotions they use to have. I am doing all I can and So Prayer could help if you wish to send them I would Love That More So for Him ... I pray. I just wanted you to know That Prayer always goes a long way ...Thank you .. It's hard for him as well as me. The not easy thing to go through For him or myself... THANK YOU, FRIENDS, WHO CALL ME THERE FRIEND THANK YOU For Being Here at this awful time..

What Your Favorite Season Says About Your Personality Tags: #seasons

women stretching for exercise outdoors in winter

Does a particular season of the year appeal to you more than others? Some people love the long, warm days of summer, while others revel in the chillier days of autumn. Why is it that some seasons speak to us more than others? Could psychology explain our seasonal preferences?

Why We Sometimes Prefer Certain Seasons

While there is little research looking specifically at the psychology of seasonal preferences, researchers have found that seasonal changes in temperature and light can have an impact on moods and behaviors.

Those born in the spring and summer months, for example, are thought to be more likely to have excessively positive temperaments and were more likely to experience rapid shifts in mood. Those born during the winter months, on the other hand, may be less likely to have irritable temperaments.1

While it might seem odd, psychologists have long recognized the powerful influence that seasons and can have on mood. The shorter months of winter are known for sometimes causing people to experience seasonal affective disorder, which is a type of depression.2

Research has also shown that the onset of spring can actually lead to a temporary boost in positivity depending on how much time an individual spends outdoors.

The surprising results of one study even found relationships between psychiatric disorders and birth month for study participants in England.3

Any sort of scientific explanation for our personal love of any particular season must also take geographic differences into consideration. In America, some western states tend to have cold fall months that quickly turn to snow. Many eastern states, on the other hand, often experience milder autumn weather that showcases the glorious and colorful transition from summer to fall. Where we live and the weather typical of that region can play a significant role in season preference.

The Connection Between Weather and Mood

Cold weather might influence our moods, but researchers have also found that dropping temperatures can have an effect on behavior as well. For example, room temperatures can affect how people judge criminal suspects.

In one 2014 study, people in hot rooms were more likely to perceive accused criminals as impulsive and hot-headed, while those in cold rooms were more likely to view suspects as having committed cold-blooded, premeditated crimes.4

It turns out that temperatures can have a subtle yet profound impact on the judgments we make about other people.

One 2008 study found that when people are holding a hot beverage, they are more likely to see others as warmer and more personable. Holding a cold drink, on the other hand, led participants to perceive others as interpersonally colder.5

Why Light Affects Mood

It's no secret that light can have a significant influence on your mood. Bright, sunny days may leave you feeling happy and energized, while dark, dreary days may cause you to feel gloomy and uninspired. Light might also play a part in your personal preferences for particular seasons of the year.

Your body's circadian rhythm, or the roughly 24-hour cycle of wakefulness and sleepiness, is influenced by sunlight. Decreasing amounts of sunlight cause the body to release hormones that trigger periods of lethargy.2

A lack of sunlight during the fall and winter months is linked to what is known as seasonal affective disorder. People who experience symptoms of this disorder may feel depressed during the darker, shorter days of the year and lose interest in activities they usually enjoy. They may also experience other symptoms such as increased fatigue and appetite.6

Those who are affected by SAD may prefer the sunnier spring and summer months when they are less likely to be impacted by symptoms of this seasonal disorder. People with SAD may find it helpful to increase their exposure to sunlight each day and to try light box therapy.2

What Your Favorite Season Says About You

Temperature and light levels may play a role in determining which season you love the most, but could your personal preferences also reveal something about your underlying personality? Here are just a few possible tendencies that your favorite season might show about you.


For some parts of the world, spring is when the short, dark days of winter give way to warming temperatures and greener outdoor spaces.

If spring is your favorite season, then you might crave new experiences, and the spring season offers the chance of renewal that you need after a long, cold winter.


In many regions of the world, summer is all about longer, warmer, brighter days. If summer is your favorite time of year, it might mean that you love getting out and living an active lifestyle.

The warm months of summer are a time to travel and enjoy the outdoors. You probably tend to be on the outgoing, extroverted side, and people likely describe you as upbeat, personable, and assertive.


"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns," George Eliot (aka Mary Ann Evans) once wrote of her affection for the fall season.

While parts of the world tend to think of spring as the season of renewal, fall is also a very good time for a fresh start. The vibrant orange colors and cooler weather of autumn appeal to your constant desire for change. The upcoming holidays inspire many to reflect back on the year that was and make plans for the year to come.


If you count the chilly months of winter as your favorite season of all, it might mean that you tend to be a bit of an introverted homebody.

Donning a warm sweater and curling up on the couch with a hot beverage to escape the cold might sound like your idea of an ideal afternoon.

Final Thoughts

Seasonal changes in light and temperature can play a major role in how we think, feel, and behave.

It is important to remember, however, that our individual preferences may be influenced by a wide variety of factors, including our experiences.

If you grew up enjoying the outdoors during summer months and have pleasant memories of the summer season, then it may be more likely that you will also love summer as an adult.

Our preferences, including those for certain times of the year, are complex and likely influenced by a wide array of interacting factors.

When And Where Is The Veil Thinnest? The Best Times And Locations To Connect With Spirit Tags: #veil#spirit#ghosts


When is the veil thinnest? What time is the veil the thinnest? What places in the world can we go where the veil is thin? In this post we discuss -†

A thin place is one where it is thought that the separation between the physical world and the physical world is less dense.†

There are thought to be thin places at spiritual sites and vortices, however, in the event, you canít make it to one of these locations, there are also times of the day, people, and periods of life where the veil between our worlds is easier to sense.†

When, where and with whom the veil is thin, it is thought to be temporarily easier to see and interact with the Spirit World.

This includes Ancestors, Fairies, Angels, God-Source, and so on.

There are three different types of ways to experience a thin veil:†

  • You, or a certain person, can have a thin veil

  • There can be times of days and of the year when the veil is thin

  • There are locations with specifically thin veils

Below, weíll discuss all three -

Personal Veils

Some of us are thought to be naturally more sensitive to the unseen world. This is what is colloquially referred to as having thin skin.

In my post, Born With A Veil: Are You A Natural Born Psychic? I talk about this and how we all have moments where our personal boundaries drop, and in these, we can have private moments of experience where the veil is thinnest for us.

These moments are also known as pivotal events, change points, or before and after moments.†

Personal veils can drop and this can be precipitated by a near-death experience, the birth of a child, or some other wrinkle in time.

In the brief moment of change, we experience a thin veil, and some of us do feel that charge in the air - thatís what it feels like to be somewhere where the veil is thin.†

When you encounter a thin spiritual zone, there can also be other side effects as your body adapts to what is going on, too - sleep may be more frequently interrupted as itís buzzier around you, for example.†

The signs of a thinning veil can be similar to spiritual awakening signs or other types of ascension signs.

Not everyone experiences a thin veil negatively, though itís important to be aware of them if you are, and below I talk more about what to expect when you sense one.

Getting to a personal thin veil moment can be achieved slowly through meditation and practice, too. By simply finding moments and periods when your Spirit is free and released from physical ties, you can also create a thinner space around yourself.

Personal times of the day when the veil is thin

We can all have these instances when our own veils thin, and there are also personal times of day where we are most receptive to the non-physical.†

  • When is the time of the day where your Spirit is most relaxed?

  • Is it in the bath, while you sleep or in the early morning when you prepare lunches for your children?†

  • When is it, that your mind is most quiet?

This is the time when your veil is thinnest, and those in spirit may unite with you easiest.†

Your personal thin veil time can be:†

  • When youíre near or connected to your natural element. Pay attention to your element, when you are near your element (for example, I'm a water element), it's generally easier for one sense the unseen there.†

  • During certain transitional moments in your life when you are more aware, such as during pivotal change periods.†

  • When youíre alone and free of distraction.

    Collective times of day when the veil is thin

    In addition to us each having our own private time when itís easier to connect, I personally believe the bridge between the worlds is thinnest daily during the crepuscular hours. This would be during dawn and golden dusk.†

    Some believe the veil is thinnest when the airwave interference is lowest, and this would be during the time of day known as nautical night, or sometime between 11-4am.†

    Can the veil be thin during specific periods of the year?

    Yes, with exceptions, and I discuss that in this post: Halloween: Is The Veil Between The Worlds Really Thinner?

    Wherever a cultural event celebrates the Spirit World, it is thought to draw down the veil for that area of the world, just for that time. This is not the same for all regions of the world, but the Fall is a popular time in many cultures.†

    In the United States, our veil is thinnest whenever we celebrate the Spirit World, so for us, it would technically be thinnest -††

    • Halloween to All Souls Day

    • Christmas and Easter

    • Passover

    These are times when ancestors and the spirit world are often remembered most, making them thin veil times for our country, but there are others.

    Thin Veil Locations

    There are many locations where there are thin spots between earth and spirit, but the easiest way to find them for yourself is in the spaces where a meeting of the worlds exists.

    Usually places that are thought to be vortexes have thin veils.

    Where the veil is thought to be thin on the globe:

    • at meetings of land and water

    • at meetings of night and day

    • at ecosystem edges

    • places where lots of natural energy is being generated, such as at waterfalls

    • anywhere two ecosystems overlap

    • mass tragedy sites

    • places where energy meridians overlap

    • geological hotspots

    Now imagine going to one of these locations, at one of the above times of day, after or during a spiritual awakening experience. Talk about magical.

    What happens at a Thin Veil spot, time or person?

    Thin veil spots, locations, and periods of the day are supposed to be great for heightened intuition, and I do believe this is true.†

    I also feel the receptions you get when you tap in during these periods are purer. I feel this is because thin veil spots are usually spots where yin energy or mother earth energy is magnified.†

    Now imagine going to one of these locations, at one of the above times of day, after or during a spiritual awakening experience, during a sacred day.

    to recap:

    • The veil between worlds is thinnest during the crepuscular hours and nautical night.†

    • During specific periods of our lives.†

    • When we are closest to our element.†

    • Usually at places where a lot of energy is being generated or transferred.

    • During times when the Spirit World is most celebrated in your country, for the United States that's Halloween.†

    • Thin veil spots can be magical places to experience increased intuition.†

    There are of course magical sites we can go to when we want to experience that special spiritual spark, for example, I like boulder fields.†

    You may like somewhere else, either way, you donít have to go anywhere to experience the magic. We can all experience the thin-veil magic anywhere when tuned into our lives, our selves, and our traditions.†

    And as you can see, there are many options for experiencing a thin veil.

    So think about itÖ

    What time of day do you feel most tapped in? Have you experienced a veil thinning moment? Is there a certain holiday honoring Spirit that feels more magical to you? Is there somewhere you can go in your neighborhood that connects you to your element?

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