Some will desperately cling onto the old.
Some will desperately drown in the quagmire of the fears they created and bought into.
Some will refuse to change.
Some will just allow the false dramas purposefully created by others to keep them prisoner in the 3D and the illusional world, which does not exist anymore.
That is their own free and choice.
You, who have the greater inner knowing,
You, who know the Truth and Light,
You, who truly seek the Highest,
You now need to rise
to the fullness of your Power,
the Fullness of your Soul
and the Divine Light, Love and Wisdom
as you now find your soul sisters and brothers
and those who will be there,
walking with you,
creating a new and much higher form of life
on planet,
in a much higher dimensional form and frequency band.
Look upon this time with awe and wonder,
for this is a totally new life,
a totally new ball game,
a totally new way of creative living
with unity and love.
In truth - nothing will be as before
Therefore do not try to project the old ways onto the new -
but rather allow yourself to be shaped,
newly created,
and then start to explore the new
with awe and wonder
and great love,
knowing that as you do,
the new pathways,
the new way of life
will open for you.
Let joy flood your heart
and soul
and delight in this
new form of life
You have been reborn!
Judith Kusel

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