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I had no idea myself what Elementals were until I started my own personal spiritual journey. You may be like me in the beginning; curious but skeptical. Or you may fully believe and accept the existence of these beings already; indeed you may have had experience of them yourself.

Either way you will all have been exposed to Elementals at some point in your life through childhood stories, folklore tales or personal experience.

Elementals are other wise known as nature spirits or guardians. Fairies, Pixies, Water Sprites, Imps and Mermaids, Unicorns are a few examples of beings that belong to the Elemental realm.

Just as angels are messengers from God (or a source higher than ourselves, the Divine if you prefer), the Elementals are the Divine’s nature guardians, residing here, just in a different realm to the physical one we live in.

They are sent to safeguard planet Earth. However at this time on Earth they are struggling to do their job as Humans continue to pollute and destroy environments through their actions.

Elementals reside all over the world. They are, I believe, what gives many of the great wildernesses of the world that magical feeling that is hard to describe until one has felt it for themselves.

They are the reason one feels more peaceful and relaxed if sitting under a tree, by a river, on a beach or in a grass meadow. Scotland for example is often described as a magical country by locals and visitors alike. Vast numbers of Elementals of different groups reside here and through writing my book I have had the privilege of meeting and talking to them.

You do not need to go far to find Elementals no matter where you are in the world. A plant in your garden will have fairies living on it, a tree will have a tree spirit within. The Elementals surround us everyday.

Some of you may be able to see them, some of you like me can hear them, others will sense or feel their presence. We all have this gift within us it is just a case of opening ourselves up to use it.

My book ‘Messages from Nature’s Guardians‘ details my contact with the Elemental Beings in Scotland and their important environmental messages for us at this time.

The Elementals are tied to a particular Element. Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Gnomes, Crystal Beings, Stone Beings, Wood Nymphs and Brownies are associated with the Earth Element.  Sprites, Mermaids, Mermen and Undines are associated with the Water Element.

Salamanders are associated with Fire as are Dragons but Dragons are linked with all the Elements.  Sylphs, Sylphons, Spirulites and Imps are associated with the Air Element.  They all work in harmony to keep Mother Earth (Gaia) and her male counter part Geb in balance.

How to work with Elementals

1. Believe in them and their existence 

2. Open your heart and show love to all living creatures

3. Care for animals, plants and flowers and surround yourself in their energy everyday

4. Care for the environment, don’t use chemicals if possible and pick up litter

5.  Be a good person and show love and gratitude (elementals mirror back our own behaviour)

6. Talk to them silently or aloud they love communication with humans who are of pure heart

7. Ask how you can help them and watch for their signs

8. Sing, dance and play often. Elementals love playfulness, fun and laughter

9. Ask them to help you in your life

10.  Leave them a gift to show your gratitude. Fairies love sparkly things, Elementals love crystals, sweet items and music

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