Learn How to Be a Kitchen Witch in 7 Essential Steps


Have you been called to the realm of kitchen witchcraft? Maybe as a child you watched your grandmother cook in the kitchen, and she seemed to make magic every time she prepared a meal. Maybe you’re the homemaker of your household and long to add magic to your daily life. Domestication isn’t a dirty word in your book – it’s liberating! It’s inspiring! But you’re wondering how to be a kitchen witch. It’s not difficult, but I will lay it out for you here in these essential steps.

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First, What is a Kitchen Witch?

We should define this special path before getting into the steps on how to be a kitchen witch. A kitchen witch, also called a cottage or hearth witch, is someone who makes magic in the kitchen and in the home using food and everyday items as magical tools. The kitchen witch is able to center his or her energy through the making of magical meals and creating sacred space at home. Let’s learn how to be a kitchen witch next.

1. Learn Your Herbs & Spices

The most important tool a kitchen witch has in her pantry is a decent supply of herbs and spices. If you’re a good cook, you probably already own all the herbs and spices you need. Much magic can be found in simple herbs and spices like: cinnamon, pepper, salt, oregano, basil, and more! To learn more about the magical herbs and spices already in your pantry, click here. The kitchen witch knows how to use herbs and spices for various magical purposes, adding them to meals and making them into medicine.

2. Magical Meals

A magical meal is a spell or ritual to the kitchen witch. The process of planning the recipe, gathering the ingredients, and cooking the meal is pure alchemy. The kitchen witch takes ingredients and transforms them into something else entirely – nourishment to the body and soul. When learning how to be a kitchen witch, it is essential to learn how to cook a magical meal. From the recipe ingredients and their magical properties to the energy put into the meal, every step in the cooking process is important. Learn more about cooking a magical meal here

3. Kitchen Spirits

The kitchen witch works with spirits of the hearth. These spirits might include the household guardians, kitchen guardians, the ancestors, and hearth gods and goddesses. In ancient times, every hearth had a guardian spirit, and the family acknowledged and worked with that spirit. The kitchen witch gives offerings to the household and hearth spirits in return for help with the chores. Learn more about. hou

4. Sacred Space

To a kitchen witch, the entire house is sacred space. Learn how to be a kitchen witch by including magical decorating in your practice. Make your entire house sacred space by adding magical items such as house plants, seashells, pictures of nature, crystals, candles, incense, essential oil diffusers, and other modern magical items. Making one’s own cleansing and blessing rituals are crucial to keeping your space free of negative energy and open to positive energy. 

5. Kitchen Tools

To the kitchen witch, kitchen tools are his or her magical tools. His or her athame is a kitchen knife. A wand is a wooden spoon. Every appliance in the kitchen becomes magical when dedicated to the art of kitchen witchery. The stockpot doubles as a cauldron. The teapot brews herbal potions. The oven transforms ingredients into magical meals. Cleanse and consecrate all of your kitchen tools you plan to use in your magic.

6. Kitchen Altar

The kitchen witch often sets up and tends to a magical kitchen altar. The altar can be on top the kitchen counter, a kitchen shelf, or anywhere you see fit. Candles, offerings, and figurines can be placed on the kitchen witch’s altar. I’ve seen everything from vintage kitchen witches to miniature cauldrons and skull-patterned tea cups used candle holders! Make your kitchen altar a space for the kitchen gods and spirits and as a daily reminder of your unique practice.

7. Kitchen Grimoire

Every witch has a grimoire or Book of Shadows, and a kitchen witch is no exception. The kitchen witch’s grimoire might look a bit different from the next witch. It will hold family recipes, herbal knowledge, and kitchen witch secrets in its pages. A kitchen grimoire can be a recipe book, three-ring binder, or a simple composition book! I find recipe books with blank cards to be best for magical recipes and herbal tidbits. 

Read More About Kitchen Witchcraft:

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