Many people think of Wicca as an ancient pagan religion. Young people are especially excited about the ancient revival tradition that they are following. However, like L. Ron Hubbardfs Scientology, Wicca is a made-up religion. The idea that it is a revival of old pagan religions is complete bunk.

Modern Wicca—as well as witchcraft in general—was created and popularized by a man named Gerald Gardner. Born in 1884, Gardner came up with just about everything associated with modern Wicca. Almost none of it came from ancient texts.

When devising his order, Gardner took inspiration from the writings of Aleister Crowley, the Golden Dawn, and other odd groups. But Gardner didnft take much from actual traditions. He created his calendar of pagan holidays by taking important events from various pagan religions and trying to knit them together into one faith.

Gardner was also known for saying bizarre things and encouraging people who joined Wicca to say sensational things about themselves to get attention. He likely felt that the best way to spread his religion was to get people talking about it in the first place.

Although this may seem like an absurd strategy, it appears to have worked out nicely. Wicca has become quite popular, and most people, including those involved in Wicca, are blissfully unaware that this new religion is far removed from actual pagan traditions.

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