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World wide

Posted by Marie

o dissolve fear, turn and look directly at it, for what you face dissolves in the light of Consciousness ~
All of you can learn to be aware of your own energy by seeing other people’s energy. The more accurately you perceive energy in other people, the more precisely you will be able to sense it in yourself. This is true not only of positive but also of fear and dark energy. When you judge others, you feel your own shadow and bring into yourself any negative energy you are judging. To see energy clearly is to leave behind right-wrong judgments. Challenge yourself to let go of right-wrong framework. When you observe a quality or characteristic in others that you do not like, see if you can find how it fits into their life. Look at how that particular trait works for them, what that quality does for them. Leaving behind judgment frees you from being affected by other people’s energy. What is fear? What is that shadow area? Until it is looked at, fear often exists as a feeling of heaviness, worry or concern. There are moments when you feel light and joyful and there are moments when you do not. Those heavier moments are often an indication of fear. The higher you go the more you will be releasing fear.
Art Liza Adamenko ~
Shared by Jessica Woods


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