New path. New beginnings. New realizations. This is your time to be open to the subtle aspect of your life where so much change is taking place. You’re shifting at your core and it’s all happening instantly. Faith and patience will get you through. Trusting yourself is so crucial right now. Don’t overthink what doesn’t make sense. You’re being guided to a new path of self-awareness, self-empowerment, and self-love. You’re becoming stronger as the days go by.
This is a part of you feeling lighter as you begin to receive more clarity for your next step. Welcome, all change even when you can’t understand why it’s happening the way it is. Welcome all new experiences. Be open to random things that happen. It’s a blessing in disguise. Randomness is things you can’t predict but always end up making sense. This is just the blessing of the universe. We can’t be afraid of what we can’t understand.
Embrace the unknown, the uncertainty, the transformations, the transition, and most importantly the change. You are only becoming more of your own true self. You’re just learning to accept yourself and allow what has always be yours; your divine gift and your spirit. You are so powerful and so incredible. You are magnificent. Breathe deeply. Feel lighter. Love your life.
Idil Ahmed
Autumn Skye Art

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