We have completed the release of Spruz version 2.0. This was a big step in the development of the Spruz platform for 2 reasons. Number one, this update allowed us to make many structural changes to the platform and page builder that so that we may deliver more data rich elements, page types, etc. while keeping a high level of flexibility. Number two, we have rolled out platform improvements that bring more stability, faster page load times, and scalability to the Spruz network.

The most noticeable change in this update is the new and improved Page Builder. The new page builder has been designed to make it easier to find and edit pages, the builder has been cleaned up and improved over all. One of my personal favorites is fewer page refreshes when making changes and updates to the site. This makes for a more seamless experience when modifying your website features.

Please remember changes you make to your website are cached for visitors not logged into your site. It may take up 1-5 hours for those changes to be applied for site visitors.

Here is a brief list of page builder features;

  • New on page element adding
  • Integrated site style sheet to see a better representation of how elements will appear on the main site. This will make it easier for you to correct color issues that may make things easier to read for your site visitors. We also added an option that allows you to turn off your styles.
  • New and improved drag and drop
  • Ability to collapse elements to make it easier for them to be moved.
  • New page layout support. This will allow us to add new layouts for placement of elements, rather then the 4 box layout. Blank pages have been put into the element based system to make it easier to manage. Blank pages create an element based page with 1 column for all your content.
  • New and improved quick button for setting what page content you want on your home page.
  • New global area selection. This allows you to decide if your site has left, right or both side global areas for navigation and other content you may place there that needs to be on every page.
  • We have made the page builder unbreakable, this means it can not be broken accidentally through bad HTML or Java scripting.
  • New editor for custom content, making it much easier to use. Built in image uploading will be added in the next few weeks.
  • The forums and profiles will now inherite the top navigation box/global area.

Some overall platform improvements

  • New changes in the way information is cached from the databases for visitors not logged in. It is important to note that visitors not logged in will not see new site changes for up to 4 or 5 hours. We will be adding an option for you to control cache times in a future update.
  • Numerous platform stability fixes where applied.
  • We have added additional data caching on data collections that are not changed very often. You should see a difference in page loading times.
  • Our overall scalability has been tested and improved to allow the platform to host an infinite number of Spruz powered sites. We have new hardware on the way that will be able to take advantage of this change.

The main purpose of this update was a lot of backend improvements that will further allow us to provide the most flexible site and community creation portal on the net. You will be amazed on the new page elements and systems you will see added over the next few months.

Please keep in mind like anything new, there may be unforeseen issues. Please report problems by using our support tickets or posting in our forums.

I want to thank you all for the support!

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