During the month of October, the veil is especially thin. As we collectively enter the dark months, messages from the beyond begin to call to us as if fog rolling across an open field.

During this time, you may feel called to practice the art of divination. Divination can act as North Star and can bring a light to our practice as if striking a match for a long tapered candle in the deepest wood

When we light the way, guided by divination, and our intuition we are practicing our own craft, honing our skills, and opening the heavy wooden door to our wild self.

When we open ourselves up to messages from the beyond, we are channeling. Channeling, as divination does, can take many forms. Channeling is to hear messages from beyond the veil, from guides, from ancestors, and to hear these messages and integrate them into our daily lives.

Maybe when you were a kid, you experienced magic and trance like states. As a young person, you may have been more open to these messages, to the spirits of fairies, and other beings that cruise through the ether of things.

To open us to these messages, sometimes it is helpful to return to these childlike states of belief. It’s important to listen and to find stillness, to find rhythm and to wait.

In order to channel we must silence outer noise, this can be done practically by going out into nature, quieting the mind, meditation, and journaling.

Pay attention to detail. Accept and embrace the unexpected. And again, listen. Perhaps the messages are not always clear.

Set your intention. Having clear intentions in any magical practice is essential and will guide your way as you navigate beyond the darkness of the veil.

Create an altar. Creating an altar can be a beautiful way to set the scene for what you wish to channel and can help you as you set your intention. Maybe it’s an ancestral altar. Maybe the altar is for a specific deity or goddess. It is a different form of invitation and offering to both your own practice and the beyond.

Sometimes, it is helpful to ask your guides to have the messages be communicated to you while asleep, and keep a dream journal near your bed. Before anything else, first thing in the morning, write down the images that you can immediately recall from your dreams. They may create a map, a message.

Plants often have messages for us. If it is possible to sit in nature and gently communicate with specific plants that could be a beautiful form of channeling for you. If you are in a city, perhaps working with flower essences is for you. The messages from our plant allies are supportive in many different ways. 

So before you venture off into the dark forests of your mind, ask for protection, and relax. The messages from beyond the great cosmic web, the veil that we lift up as if a heavy curtain, are available to those who know where to look.

by Kate Belew @k8belew

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