LITTLE SOUL by Theresa F Koch

Written 5th November 2000.
There is much controversy over this subject.

Let me start this article by saying I am not for abortion BUT, will explain why. I feel that we all choose to come to this earth and each have freedom of choice this is mine. I believe we as individuals each have different lessons to learn in life choosing our choices along the way, even where we start out in this world.

This is a true story so I will just call my friend simply that friend. My friend came to me of all people knowing how I feel about this, asking me to take her to have and abortion, it seemed the doctor had informed her the baby she was carrying would be still born, besides this her and her husband had recently separated and filed for divorce, her choice. Such anguish in her eyes that they grabbed
my heart as though it was in a vice, so I agreed.

The morning this was scheduled I took her as promised. When we approached the clinic she was bombarded by those protesting against abortion. Devastated she darted for the clinic in tears. Ironic I stood my ground and proceeded to tell these people who believed as I to leave this woman be, her soul was in enough torment as it was and this choice was made by another, though she had planned on having a abortion before her news.

She was in there for quite some time and I spent part of my time outside trying to explain to these people that though I agreed with them that this was not there place to judge.
That there was another who is one who stands in judgement of us with a much higher authority then them. When she came out my heart sank to look at my poor pale broken
spirited friend. Her eyes looked hollow, I started to cry. She looked at me PLEASE help me get past those people out front. I told her to go straight to my truck I would handle them. Thank goodness they were gone. Once we got to my house she looked exhausted. So I filled the sunken tub in my bathroom poured her a glass of wine and told her she could sleep in my room. I would sleep out on my couch.

While she was in the tub I fixed us something to eat. She walked into my kitchen looking at me quite puzzled. Thank you she said then out poured all these feelings with many tears. She said how shocked she was at my reaction to all of this, thanked me again and went into my bedroom. I heard the television go on and I sat on the couch. I mulled over all of the events of the day most of the night. I know there is much controversy over this subject your choice is yours lets hope one of us makes the right one.

Little soul who comes to learn
Yet is treated with much spurn
In the Angel's care you go
To learn what all in heaven know
Shine a star in the sky tonight
Let her know all will be all right

Photograph Taken by, Theresa F Koch



  • Yes , .. sad as it was I went through this myself ...

    Never again...

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