Tingsha Bells


Some bells come without any symbols attached to them but some include the 8 auspicious symbols, like mine. The Ashtamangala (8 auspicious symbols) are made up of 8 different symbols that have significance in not only Buddhism but also in other Indian religions. They are symbols of good fortune and an enlightened mind.

1. Golden Fishes

  • The Golden fishes represent breath & prana (life force) because they are reminiscent of the ida and pingala energy channels of the body which regulate the breath. 
  • Other forms of symbolism from these fish include freedom & abundance with the fish having complete freedom of movement throughout the water.

2. Parasol

The Parasol represents protection from harm and illness, just like a parasol protects from the sun. It also represents the expansiveness of your crown chakra, through the expansiveness of the canopy.

3. Treasure Vase

The Treasure Vase represents health, longevity, prosperity, and empowerment. This symbol is seen a lot through different sects of Buddhism.

5. Conch Shell

The conch shell is a symbol that is seen with many deities, it is how these deities spread their message. Therefore, the conch represents educating and taking care of yourself.

7. Victory Banner

This is the type of banner that was flown once battles were won. The Victory Banner represents overcoming defeat & attaining happiness

4. Lotus

Through the lotus we see purity of the mind, body, & speech represented. With non-attachment we can find this purity within. The lotus floats above the muddy waters of attachment & desire, as should we.

6. Endless Knot

The Endless Knot show that everything in life is interwoven and interdependent. Your future outcomes are rooted in what you do today.

8. Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel represents all of Buddha’s teachings. The wheel is a symbol of the never ending journey to self improvement. There is no end.  

How Can You Use the Tingsha Bells

Using Tingsha Bells in Yoga Class

Tingsha Bells can be used in yoga classes, as mentioned before at the beginning or end. The bells can be used at the beginning of class to help students settle in to their mats and to their practice, it can also be used in assisting the flow of the breath. Tinging them one time for the inhale and one time for the exhale.

Using Tingsha Bells for Sound Healing and Meditation

The Tingsha Bells can also be used for sound healing. The purity and clarity of the bells sound is great for clearing the mind screen and getting more in touch with the third eye center. Watch the video above to listen to the vibration and sound of the Tingsha Bells.

Clearing Space and Feng Shui

These versatile bells aren’t just used for meditation and yoga practices in western modern times. They can also be used for Feng Shui and clearing space. The purifying tone of these bells are rung in each corner of a room for Feng Shui. They are used for clearing auras and are said to “fill” empty space.

The higher frequencies of these bells are typically used more for opening the upper chakras rather than the lower chakras which usually have a lower deeper tone.



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