Image result for empaths and animalsEvery moment I look into my little dogs’ eyes, I am filled with a kind of love that I simply can’t explain.

It’s like he knows me, he really hears me and he intuitively feels how I am, so he can give me the emotional support I need that day.

When I say this out loud, it sounds silly and obsessive. After all, he’s “just a dog” as non-dog owners will say. But before I got my own puppy, I’d often say (or think) the same because I just didn’t “get it”. I never understood the deep love and connection that could come from having a dog.

I never understood how a puppy could fill a gap in your heart that a person could never fill. I never understood how therapeutic and healing having a dog could be and how I’d never feel alone when they were around.

But this was before I knew I was an empath. When I first heard the definition of empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”, my heart skipped home. Empaths have the ability to experience and absorb other people’s emotions and live them as if they were their own. When I understood this, a life filled with emotion and angst suddenly made complete sense.