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Why are we afraid of the Spirit World?
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I was born with the gift of sight at first I wasn't afraid it seemed normal then earthly realities of this subject set in and around school age I was terrified of spirit guides, ghosts, negative beings Ė any spirit, really.

I have spent many a night frozen with fear unable to summon the courage to get out of bed as a child and simply TURN ON THE LIGHT because I sensed something or someone in the room, trying to get my attention or communicate with me. Sometimes my heart would beat so fast and all I would hear was the muffled sound of blood pumping really hard around my body as I lay there terrified! I would wake my sister Donna there is someone standing in the corner of the room or there is a lady over there by the dresser.

Maybe youíve had similar experiences. Sometimes those experiences can be real psychic experiences and sometimes our adrenaline and fear kicks in and we begin to imagine things that arenít there.

For me, fear was the biggest stumbling block on the path of psychic development.†Communicating with spirits seemed scary†Ė and I really didnít want to see scary things.

Spirits Arenít Spooky

I later learned that communicating with spirits doesnít have to be frightening. I know because I communicate with spirits all the time. Now itís not scary Ė not even a little bit. And this is NOT because Iíve become less of a wimp, itís because Iíve learned four perspectives/lessons that make communicating with spirits easier. When you know these four things, you can make your experience less frightening:

1. Develop Your Claircognizance, not Your Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to see spirits. Itís one of the more well-known psychic gifts. Thereís nothing wrong with it, but if youíre easily frightened, itís probably not the best gift to develop intensively.

To reduce a fear of the spirit world, sensitize yourself to your claircognizance. Claircognizance is when you have psychic information just popping into your brain Ė which is not scary at all. It is very subtle and is often that subtle judgement or assumption about an outcome, that comes into your brain just before you have a thought. To develop claircognizance, try automatic writing (I donít think anyone can be too scared for automatic writing.) Automatic writing is one of my favourite methods for communicating with the spirits.

Clairsentience is another non-scary way to communicate with spirit. It is all about gut feelings Ė and no one can be scared of their own gut feelings.

As for clairvoyance, it doesnít HAVE to be that scary either.

I donít see dead people walking around my neighbourhood though I have a at times Ė but I donít generally see spirits with my bare eyes. When I see deceased spirits, I see them in my mindís eye. Seeing a spirit in your mindís eye is not as scary as seeing a dead person walking around for many people.

Now for the second way you can reduce fear when interacting with spirits:

2. Increase Your Level of Control and Sovereignty

You can quickly become more in control of HOW and WHEN you receive information.

Donít want to see spirits?†Ė Tell your Spirit Guides and Higher Self. Let them know you are not comfortable getting messages through clairvoyance.

Donít want to be surprised by spirits?†Ė Tell your guides you will tune into them once a day but you donít want surprise input without you asking for it.

Even when you do see spirits in your mindís eye, you are in control Ė you can make the spirit clearer, or less vivid. You can tune it out. You can tell it to go away. You can turn your mindís eye off and completely ignore it (there may be times when you do need to do this). You can tell your spirit guides not to allow spirits to come through to you when youíre not consciously asking for it. You are essentially in control of your mindís eye and you can turn off visions. Itís the same with clairaudience (which is the ability to hear spirits.)

When itís Time to Turn off Psychic Abilities

If you hear voices or see visions that you cannot control, then you really need to know that it is possible to turn it off, and you have to want to.

Telling Spirits to Get Lost

Being in control also applies to your space and your home. Do you sense something in your space when it shouldnít be? Tell it to get the hell out. You can because youíre in control of your energy and your space. Nothing should enter your energy field without your permission. Itís the same with your space. If you are renting or own your space, then intruding energies shouldnít enter it without permission. The only time they can enter your space and your energy is when you forget youíre in charge and get too scared to boot them out, or when you havenít consciously set parameters around this. That can happen when you have a weak solar plexus chakra.

You can make prayers and rituals to make it really clear to the unseen world that you are the sovereign of your space and energy.

Hereís one way of doing this:

1. Light a white candle

2. Call on your higher self and spirit guides

3. Visualize putting a bubble around yourself

4. Repeat the affirmation:

ďNothing can enter my space without my permission.Ē

Say it ten times, as a command.

Or my favorite way is to clear the space arm to the square I command you too leave in the sacred name of Jesus Christ.

Say it ten times, as a command

If you say this over and over to yourself, it builds up your sense of power. Say it with an attitude and even anger if you feel like something is intruding on your space or scaring you. Anger is one step better than feeling helpless. It helps to raise your vibration if youíre in a space of fear.

Now letís talk about the third way to make the spirit world less frighteningÖ

3. Communicate with Spirit More Often

One way to make communicating with the spirit world less frightening is to do it more often. There comes a point when talking to spirits is a bit like picking up the phone, and it becomes a bit mundane!

In the beginning, I used to get really creeped out because when I tuned into my spirit guides, I used to feel tingling on the sides of my head. Now that has become a commonplace occurrence Ė it happens a lot when I do readings but I barely notice it now.

You may be creeped out the first time you communicate with spirit, but you definitely wonít be creeped out once youíve done it 20 times!

4. Donít Watch Scary Films about Ghosts

One final tip: If you donít want scary spirit experiences, I advise not watching scary films about ghosts and evil spirits! Those are designed to evoke fear to give you a thrill and†so often†they have nothing to do with the reality of communicating with spirits. Theyíre definitely not helpful for reducing fear of the spirit world if you are the type who is easily frightened in that regard. Many Ghost investigation sites even make the sight look or feel scary its not a scary thing, after all I believe we all will be ghosts someday so why be afraid of that level. The spirits around you may be someone you knew in life they are the same person just at a different level. Now I love to communicate with the spirits my favorite thing is investigating haunted places. Though there are malicious spirits generally it is perhaps your late Aunt or childhood friend or a distant relative. Don't get me wrong I love scary movies and haunted attractions but when it comes to the real world most of the ghosts or spirits you will deal with are just reaching out to you through the veil.

Theresa F Koch

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